Naturalization and Citizenship

by | May 20, 2019 | Lawyers

A citizenship application is the U.S. government’s last chance to review a foreign national’s immigration history. On that basis, an application must be properly prepared and submitted. Even minor errors or omissions can cause delays, and major issues might not only block the path to U.S. citizenship but they might also result in the loss of permanent residency and deportation.

You’re going to need to provide a significant amount of forms, supplementation and evidence to satisfy the United States Customs and Immigration Service in your efforts to become a U.S. citizen. Those include proof of your physical presence in this country, your continuous residence showing that you intend to remain here, good moral character, English language comprehension and knowledge of U.S. civics. If you have a criminal record of any kind, either here in the United States or in your country of origin, do not submit a U.S. citizenship application without speaking with us first. This is when our citizenship Coral Springs FL lawyers will be of a huge benefit to you. We know what documents are necessary and how to complete them on your behalf. We’re going to do whatever we can legally do to protect your eligibility for U.S. citizenship.

When your application is complete, you’ll need to be fingerprinted and submit to another background check. After that, your citizenship interview will be scheduled. At the interview, you’re likely to be required to take a basic English exam and a U.S. Civics exam. U.S. law even allows you to have an attorney present at your interview to advocate on your behalf.

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