Matthew J. Rapa, Esquire

by | Mar 13, 2013 | Attorney

Matthew J. Rapa, Esquire is a skilled general practice attorney that handles a wide variety of legal situations for his clients. Like his brother Jason, with whom he practices in their firm, Matthew places a special emphasis on consumer rights advocacy. He has also successfully handled many criminal defense cases for a wide array of clients in his years of services to the Pennsylvania community.

Matthew J. Rapa, Esquire places high importance on criminal defense, acknowledging how important it is that any resident of Pennsylvania has the knowledgeable and experienced services of a criminal defense attorney on their side when facing any type of criminal situation. He strives to provide the most aggressive and comprehensive defense possible so that each client feels confident that his case is being handled in the best way. Matthew J. Rapa, Esquire goes to tremendous lengths to ensure that all avenues have been explored and all elements of the case have been thoroughly considered in order to bring the situation to a satisfying solution as quickly and effectively as possible.

You should never put your future in the hands of an inexperienced or unskilled attorney. When you are facing a consumer rights situation or criminal charges, turn to Matthew J. Rapa, Esquire to stand up for you and give you the strong, unwavering representation you need to get through your case and receive the best possible resolution. With Matthew J. Rapa, Esquire you know that you aren’t just another number in a huge file of other cases. You are an individual person that will be treated with respect, dignity and personalized attention throughout the entirety of your case. This means you will always be up to date on your case, fully informed every step of the way and totally involved in the steps that are being taken to get you through your legal situation. You have the right to the best representation available, and Matthew J. Rapa, Esquire is honored to provide that to you.

Facing legal troubles can be stressful, but the dedicated and respectful services of the Rapa Law Office can help ease the stress and get you on the road to the best resolution of your situation possible. Though located in a small town, the Rapa firm doesn’t think small. The services that clients receive from these attorneys have the dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm that is often only found in the biggest cities, but with the dignity, respect and personalized attention that comes from being in a tight-knit community. Pennsylvania residents trust the Rapa attorneys to bring experience and perseverance to whatever legal troubles they are facing. A free consultation begins the professional relationship so clients are confident that their situation will be handled in the best way possible.




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