Looking for Bail Bonding in Pontiac?

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Bail is posted when a suspect has been arrested, charged with a crime, but is waiting to stand trial. Most crimes in the United States qualify for a bail of some sort. Some are higher than others, and sometimes a judge will refuse to allow someone bail because they are considered a flight risk or are thought to be a danger to the community. The whole point of bail is that the individual has to return for his or her trial. It allows people to have a semblance of a normal life while they are waiting for their day in court. But they still have some incentive to return for trial. If they don’t stand trial, the amount of the bail is lost forever.

It’s possible to not have to pay the entire amount as well, however. If you find yourself in need of bail payment, you can always look into Bail Bonding in Pontiac. A bail bondsman sometimes pays the entire bail to the courts. Usually, however, they have an arrangement with the court system in which they only have to pay if you don’t show up for your court date. Typically the bondsman will only require a small percentage from you or your family member. When the individual comes back for their court date, the bondman either gets back the bail that he or she paid on your behalf or just doesn’t have to worry about paying the bail to the courts. The difference between this and paying the bail yourself is that you don’t get back the portion that you paid to the bondsman. Some bondsmen will charge fees as well.

When you are looking for Bail Bonding in Pontiac, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Some bondsmen genuinely want to help you. Others care only about getting their fees from you. Look for a reputable bondsman and one that will help you make it to court and who actually cares that you stay out of prison. EZ1 Bail Bonds offers Bail Bonding in Pontiac. They provide transportation if you need it, and even have payment plans available.

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