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Injured? Consult with Product Liability Lawyers in Brigham City, UT

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Lawyer

If during a conversation with a group of people, someone mentions that they’ve been helped by an attorney after being injured, most of those in the group would think about a car accident, a work injury, or a fall on someone else’s property. Those incidents may well be the most common in this area of law, but you may also need legal assistance from product liability lawyers if you or someone in your family has been harmed by a product or device that was defective.

Some Examples

Complete books and university courses cover this in great detail, but for a summary that could help you get in touch with product liability lawyers in Brigham City, UT, consider three basic “categories.” You might be injured by a product that was defective as to design, a flaw that makes the item dangerous. This is different from a manufacturing error.

That, in essence, is a second way you might be harmed by a product. Records show that defects in manufacturing are most common among claims involving product liability. This type of defect could be in a car tire, an airbag that is supposed to protect occupants or even an item of furniture that doesn’t hold up to normal use.

Famous Incident

It may be that there was no warning about a defect, though the injured individual believes the manufacturer should have included some type of warning. This is the type of case the McDonald’s restaurant found itself entangled in, when a woman was burned by hot coffee. Hot beverages are now clearly labeled and advertised as being hot. These are just a few basic examples of which product liability lawyers might be of assistance.

If you believe that you’ve been the victim of product liability, contact us for an initial consultation, during which you and your legal representative can determine if you should proceed with seeking compensation for your injuries.

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