Hurt in a Head-On Crash? Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tulsa

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Lawyers

When a sports car owner is driving fast for the fun of it down a narrow country road, he is driving negligently. When he crashes head-on into another car and seriously injures the driver, he is liable for damages. Those damages can be used to pay for medical costs related to the accident and the wages that will be lost while the person recuperates. Compensation can also be required for emotional trauma and pain and suffering. The injured person should hire a personal injury lawyer in Tulsa area as soon as possible. The driver will be represented by an aggressive insurance company that will do everything possible to minimize the amount of the claim they pay.

A Personal Injury Lawyer from the Donald E. Cummings & Associates law firm will review the case and determine if the injured person has a case. There is no cost for this meeting. When a person is still in the hospital and facing huge medical bills, they may think that they can’t afford to hire a lawyer to represent them. Their case will be taken on a contingency basis. That means that the lawyers will only be paid a percentage of any financial settlement they win for their client. This guarantees that the poorest client will be able to have a fair chance against the biggest insurance company.

Insurance companies often fight the claim that their client was negligent. In this case they may say that the injured person crossed the center line and blame them for the crash. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Tulsa has worked with experts that reconstruct accident scenes to show what really happened. They can also check cell phone records to see if the sports car owner was speaking on the phone as he exceeded the speed limit. They can piece together the facts to clearly show he was negligent. The insurance company may see this compelling evidence and decide to settle out of court. They will still attempt to persuade the injured person to take a low figure. Their lawyer knows what a typical settlement for different kinds of injuries are. He will protect their interest and tell them what they should expect.



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