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How to Select A VA Disability Attorney

by | May 13, 2019 | Attorney

If you’re a veteran who is looking for a VA disability attorney to handle your case, there’s something you should know. You must hire a qualified attorney to represent you. Here are some things you should look for when you select a VA disability attorney.

1. Schedule a consultation with the lawyer before you sign a contract.
It’s never a good idea to hire a lawyer without a consultation. If a disability lawyer isn’t willing to meet with you, you should find another attorney.

2. Your attorney should have a plan for a successful outcome.
It’s easy for a disability attorney to make claims. The attorney must provide a customized action plan for your case.

3. Determine if your VA attorney has experience with claims that are similar to your case.
All VA benefits claims aren’t the same. Many cases have unique characteristics that distinguish them from other claims. Provide as many details about your disability claim as possible. Be sure to find out if the lawyer is capable of managing a case like yours.

4. Ask the attorney about the firm’s success rate.
The proof of a good disability attorney is his or her success rate. If the attorney doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to disability claims, the disability lawyer won’t be much help to you. Ask questions about the attorney’s success rate.

VA disability laws are complex. Hire a skilled disability attorney to handle your case and achieve your desired outcome. Taking this action can save time and eliminate stress.

Looking for a VA disability attorney to handle your claims? Our attorneys at Jackson & MacNichol Attorneys at Law can assist you. Our attorneys have helped thousands of veterans get their benefits. Contact our law office for a case evaluation.

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