How to Protect Your Condo Legally?

If you run a board or committee that is over a condominium, you will inevitably run into legal issues. Whether a condo owner is refusing to pay fees, or they enter into litigation with you for whatever reason, you need protection. This means you need a lawyer that specializes in laws pertaining to condominiums.

What can a lawyer help you with?

There are many aspects to running a condo board that can be tricky to navigate. Of course, governing documents need to be set up. These documents need to include rules of the building and other important items. They are laws pertaining to what you can and cannot include in governing documents, and the lawyer at Keough & Moody will help you to set up proper documents.

They will help you collect fees if a condo owner has not paid. They also will help you negotiate large contracts with service providers, such as for internet or cable for the entire building. If there are already contracts in place, a lawyer can review them and even help you negotiate a better contract.

What about litigation?

Occasionally, an issue involving litigation will come up. This is where having condo litigation attorneys on your side becomes essential. Condo owners may sue the board because they are unhappy with some of the tenants or governing rules. Conversely, the board may sue a tenant for overdue fees or for long term rule violations. Whatever the case, finding a good lawyer in Illinois is essential. To find condo litigation attorneys in Illinois.

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