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by | Jun 13, 2022 | Lawyer

When a loved one has been involved in an accident that caused his or her death, you will need a wrongful death lawyer in West Palm Beach FL to help you through the maze of litigation that will follow.

To help you in your search for a competent wrongful death lawyer you need to consider:

1. The lawyer’s reputation

2. The area of law the lawyer specializes in

3. The cost of representation

4. The size of the law firm

A wrongful death lawyer in West Palm Beach FL will be a lawyer who is skilled at litigating law suits attributable to wrongful death; these suits are filed in civil court when the death was caused by the negligence of another. When someone dies, there must be a reason, if the reason is negligence, then the family are eligible for compensation. This is enshrined in law.

There is a statute of limitations on wrongful death cases, they can be from six months to one year. What is important is that the case be filed in the court while there is still time to do so. It is understandable that the family members will be upset, grieving and distraught with the loss. It is exactly at this time of grieving that they need to get a wrongful death lawyer in West Palm Beach FL to make sure they do not lose the opportunity to be compensated. The family must take the time to discuss the case, let the lawyer weigh the circumstances, the potential costs and the potential award.

It is at this time that you want to avoid any lawyer who categorically states that he can get an award from anyone for anything. Every wrongful death case is unique, and the circumstances must be carefully weighed prior to filing a case against the negligent party.

The best way to identify the best wrongful death lawyer in West Palm Beach FL is to ask others in the same or similar profession. The lawyer who handled the estate of the deceased will have contacts, perhaps the county coroner or the funeral director will have contacts. If these people cannot make an introduction, you will have to seek names in other ways. To be on the safe side, as these names are not from people you trust, check with the state bar and make sure they are clean and there are no open complaints about them.

Usually the first time you meet for a consultation, there is no charge. Tell the lawyer the facts of the death; ask how many similar cases he has litigated and how many go to trial vs. out of court settlement. Discuss the options, some attorneys find they get better results at trial; others find their best results come from settlement.

Get an estimate of the legal fees, find out if they will take the case on contingency meaning they get paid from the award, costing you no money during the negotiations or court pleadings.

If a loved one was killed as a result of negligence by a person or any other entity, you will need a wrongful death lawyer in West Palm Beach FL. You are invited to call upon the professional services available from Janssen, Siracusa & Keegan PLLC.

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