How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer Marietta GA

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Lawyer

The United States divorce rate has increased dramatically in the last 50 years, and it is hard to turn on television, read a paper, or surf the Internet without learning about one. The fact that so many people are ending marriages can create the illusion that it is a simple, easy process. While some couples can dissolve their unions with little fuss, the majority have issues which require the help of a legal professional. One reason this is necessary is that laws are changing quickly in areas like support, adoption, and same-sex unions. It takes a specialist to ensure a fair, legal settlement for every case. The key is to find an expert divorce attorney. Fortunately, when they are looking for the right Divorce lawyer Marietta GA clients are represented by some excellent firms.

Many legal firms handle divorce cases, but it is best to deal with one which specializes in divorce. They will be current on laws and are likely to have experience handling all types of situations. An excellent way to find representation is to ask another lawyer. They have inside information in the field and can often provide excellent recommendations. Asking a trusted friend for a recommendation is another option, or you could call a local attorney referral service. These organizations are typically part of the Bar Association and can suggest attorneys, provide some background, and answer questions. Before choosing a Divorce lawyer in Marietta GA residents should contact more than one attorney.

Before you settle on a firm, call them. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable with the way they answered the phone and your questions. If so, then schedule a visit to their offices and get a feel for the practice. Notice whether you are greeted on arrival, if they listen carefully when you speak, and whether or not they allow distracting interruptions. Discuss their experience and success rate. Talk about what kinds of cases they have handled. Above all, make sure you feel personally comfortable with the staff and attorney. Divorce is stressful and you need to be confident that your attorney is providing professional, personalized representation and is qualified to get you the best possible outcome.

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