How to best renew licenses in York PA

by | Nov 29, 2013 | Law

In the state of Pennsylvania there is a need to periodically renew the licenses and titles that you hold and own. This can include your driver’s license and the titles to your car, boat, RV, ATV etc. All of this can be done at the Department of Motor vehicles offices or you can use the services of independent agent authorized by the state to renew licenses in York, PA.

Although there are a number of DMV offices that can handle these issues for you, they are often very crowded with people getting their first license and people exchanging their out of state license for a Pennsylvania permit. It can often take a half a day to get to you and in certain cases you may get to the counter only to be told that you need a specific document notarized. This will set you back another half day. As the services you want can be handled by an independent agent who is also a notary, there really is no valid reason not to use the agency. These agencies can handle boat transfers, the transfer of a vehicle title and ATV title as well as providing instant tags and commercial driver’s licenses.

Most of these agencies have in-house notaries who can deal with the instant renewal of a driver’s license, vehicle registration and change of address.

If you should misplace your driver’s license or perhaps have your wallet stolen you will have to have a new license issued as soon as possible. If you go to one of the state accredited agencies with a valid photo ID, probably your passport, you can be given a temporary license on the spot, this will allow you to legally drive until the replacement is sent to your home from the DMV, this usually happens within a week or two.

These agencies cannot handle all issues that have to do with licenses in York, PA. For example, if your license was suspended, these agencies cannot help, you must handle this through the state as there are certain steps that must be taken to have the license reinstated. About the only help the authorized state agency can be is to provide you in advance with the forms you will need to fill out.

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