How Do Bail Services In Honolulu Work?

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Bail Bonds

Being arrested can be a scary experience for anyone. Whether they are guilty or innocent, being locked up in jail can be awful. After a person is arrested, they have a chance to get out of jail until their trial. Soon after the suspect’s arrest, there would be a bail hearing. This is where the judge reviews the facts surrounding their crime and the evidence, to determine whether or not the suspect can be released on bail, and how much money it would cost. In some cases, the suspect will have enough money to post bail themselves. If they don’t have the money, they would need to look into Bail Services in Honolulu.

How Do Bail Services Work?

When a person does not have the money to post bail, they would contact a bail service. The bail service would cover the cost of the bail, with a few stipulations. First, in order to receive assistance, the suspect would need to pay 10 percent of the total bail cost. This money is non refundable. Even if they are found not guilty or the case is dropped before it goes to trial, the payment made is non refundable. Second, the suspect must promise to show up to every court hearing scheduled. As long as the suspect agrees to these conditions, they can receive assistance with their bail payment.

What Happens if the Suspect Does Not Show Up for Court?

If the suspect misses a court appearance, the judge would automatically revoke their bail. This means that there would be a warrant for their arrest, and they would be returned to jail. If the police cannot find the suspect, the bail service would hire a bounty hunter. This is a person who is trained in tracking down criminals who do not want to be found. When they find the suspect, they have the right to legally return them to the police. When they are caught, they would remain in jail until the end of their trial. They would no longer have the chance to be released on bail.

When a person finds themselves in trouble with the law, they can benefit from Bail Services in Honolulu.

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