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How Chicago Workplace Exposure Can Lead to Serious Health Complications

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Law

Historically, physicians lacked a true understanding of malignant tumors. The medical community used to think of cancers as the result of bad humors or concentrations of bile. During those days, physicians used exaggeration and oversimplification when explaining their flawed health concepts. Even today, a few naturopaths use alarmist language that creates unnecessary fears of cancer.

The Growth of Cancer Knowledge

Fortunately, modern doctors have far better insight into the causes of stomach cancer. These days, we know that some cancers can form in the intestines due to genetic mutations. Scientists know that dangerous bacteria and viruses can contribute to stomach cancer risk. Nevertheless, too many cases of cancer are caused by exposure to dangerous workplace conditions. For example, scientists have gathered evidence that cancer can occur as a result of concentrated exposure to small particles of diesel.

Diesel Fumes: A Dangerous Workplace Hazard

If you or a family member has developed stomach cancer after working around diesel, then you should consult a qualified attorney. Outstanding attorneys are taking positive steps to hold companies accountable for engaging in negligence. When you contact a leading stomach cancer lawyer, this can be the first step towards improving your life and the lives of family members. Stomach cancer lawyers are doing plenty to help make our nation a safer place for workers. Each year, members of the law community learn more about the dangers of long-term exposure to diesel and diesel fumes.

In 2017, the National Cancer Institute estimated that there were over 27,000 new cases of stomach cancer each year in the United States. The incidence of stomach cancer is far greater than it should be. Clearly, this nation is facing a stomach cancer epidemic that deserves serious attention on the part of the public.

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