Hiring Personal Injury Attorneys in Gonzales, LA for a Better Chance at Winning Lawsuits

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A middle-aged man is jogging in the park one morning when suddenly he is attacked and bitten on the leg by a dog. This automatically makes the dog’s owner liable for any injuries sustained by the middle-aged man, and there is also the opportunity for a personal injury lawsuit to be filed. Personal injury attorneys in Gonzales, LA help to make their clients aware of their rights and the laws where personal injury cases are concerned. Here is a look at the laws regarding personal injury cases in Louisiana.

Personal Injury Law in Louisiana

In Louisiana, most personal injury cases have a statute of limitations of one year from the date of the injury for a lawsuit to be filed in the civil court. In the case of the man bitten by the dog, some states follow a one-bite rule, which offers some protection for the owners. But, in Louisiana, the owner is always liable when the dog bites someone. The injured party must file the lawsuit within the first year of their injury or they will lose their chance to have the lawsuit heard in court.

More About Personal Injury Law in Louisiana

Louisiana also follows the shared fault rule, which means that, if the defendant tries to prove that the injured party was partly to blame for the accident or injury, the injured party will suffer some loss in any damages awarded. Whatever percentage of the accident or injury that is assigned to the injured party, that amount will be reduced from the damages awarded to the injured party. It is essential to hire a competent lawyer to have a better chance of preventing this.

A Law Firm for Personal Injury Cases in Louisiana

If a person wants to find a good personal injury lawyer or law firm in Louisiana, all they need to do is conduct a little research online. Pujol, Pryor & Irwin is a law firm in the Gonzales area that represents clients with personal injury cases. If a person is looking to speak to personal injury attorneys in Gonzales, LA, this law firm is available. Visit us for more information.

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