Hiring an Accident Attorney for your Best Interests

by | Dec 3, 2012 | Lawyer

Not everybody who is involved in a car accident needs legal representation. If your car unfortunately suffers from minor damage after a collision without any injuries sustained on your person, you can easily settle the claims fast without having to go to court. It may take only a few days to settle everything between insurance companies. However, there are instances when a car accident results to serious physical injuries requiring hospitalization and medical care. Should this be the case, your best bet is to seek consultation with an Accident Attorney in Portland OR.

After you are involved in a serious car accident which is not through your own fault, it follows that the insurance company will immediately call you to settle your claim. If you do not have legal representation, be careful with your statements as they might be taken against you in the future. Remember that insurance adjusters work for a company and they typically do not want their employers to lose so much money in accident claims. It is always a good idea to refrain from making statements until you have gained the best advice from your lawyer. Your attorney knows the laws, you don’t.

Reasons why an accident attorney can work for your best advantage

1. If there is a dispute on who is at fault in the accident, you stand a better chance with legal representation. If you don’t have the legal knowledge on how to go about with the tort laws, you cannot defend yourself in court. If the other party has been seriously injured, you gain the best advantage if someone is to work for your defense.

2. If you opt for the services of an Accident Attorney in Portland OR you stand a bigger chance of gaining the right compensation due you. This involves both the economic and non-economic compensation to restore you to full health and address whatever long term effects the physical injuries may result into.

3. Every state has their statute of limitations to make a claim for physical injury. In most cases, the claim needs to be filed within one year after the car accident. If you have never been party to a physical injury claim, then you have not experienced the voluminous paperwork and no idea about the documentation that needs to support the claim. If you have legal representation, you can devote your time to recovery without worrying about the preparation of said documents including the possible outcome of your claim.

4. The fact is you don’t have to pay legal fees immediately since most accident attorneys work on contingency basis. They will do anything possible to gain a higher compensation for your sake and theirs since the fees will be a percentage from the compensation you will receive. As often the case, your attorney will not want to lose a case as it will affect his reputation. While it remains impossible to predict the outcome of a case, with an accident attorney for counsel you have better chances of a bigger settlement.

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