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Here’s Why Not Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Is a Huge Mistake

by | May 22, 2019 | Lawyers

An injured person can choose to pursue a claim by themselves or with the assistance of a personal injury attorney in Gig Harbor. Anyone who decides to handle their injury claim is making a tactical error that will most probably cause damage to their case. Once an injured party realizes all the hurdles in their path, they will understand why a lawyer is necessary.

Will a Claim Be Taken Seriously?

When an injured person files a claim and a personal injury attorney in Gig Harbor isn’t involved, the party responding to the filing might not take it seriously. In some cases, people feel they can bully claimants when lawyers aren’t involved. Once a lawyer is handling a case, the other party knows that they can’t get away with any shady tactics.

More Compensation

Without a lawyer’s help, an injured party can get a ridiculously low settlement offer. The problem with the low offer is that an uninformed claimant might think it is a good settlement. Meanwhile, they aren’t taking other not-so-obvious factors into consideration. For example, they may be underestimating how much future medical bills related to the injury might cost. Browse our website to get help.

Less Worries

Anyone who is handling their own claim will have to worry about making a complete recovery and dealing with legal paperwork. It’s easy to see how that can be stressful. Dealing with too much stress is not good for a person’s body, much less when they are recovering from an injury. Why not let a qualified lawyer handle all the legal particulars?


Finally, there are mistakes that a person can make while handling their own injury claim. For example, a person might get caught up with other demands in their life and forget to file paperwork promptly. That could easily result in their claim becoming invalid for technical reasons. A lawyer will make sure all paperwork is completed and filed well in advance of any deadlines.

Another factor that has to be taken into consideration is that injury lawyers aren’t paid upfront. They are usually paid if they succeed in getting compensation. A lawyer will take a predetermined percentage of the compensation. Browse our website to get help.

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