Help with Custody Issues: Child Visitation Law in Richmond, TX

It can be frustrating when you are unable to visit your child on a regular basis. It can take several months for a custody court case to be resolved. Therefore, it is best to hire a lawyer as soon as you begin to have problems with visitation. If you wait, you may be away from your child for a long period of time. It often takes a court- mandated order for all parties to act properly in child custody situations. There are a few common situations that may arise when visitation is concerned.


A visitation schedule is often made during the early proceedings in a divorce case. Permanent orders are made during the last meeting in court, according to child visitation law in Richmond, TX. Many times, parents must go back to court due to complications with the schedule. Sometimes one parent does not adhere to the schedule. This may simply be an issue because of conflicting responsibilities, such as work. The child’s school or sports schedule may also interfere with the visitation schedule. When parents cannot work around these problems, they must get help from those familiar with child visitation law.


Parents may also have issues adhering to a visitation schedule when they do not get along well. Each parent may be irritated when the other has the child. When conflicts worsens, parents may keep the child from attending mandatory visits. In some cases, there is a good reason for this, such as abuse or addiction. Other times parents choose not to conform to child visitation law because they are angry at their ex-spouse. Help may be necessary to resolve the problem. Take a look at website to understand your options.

The visitation part of your divorce or custody papers is a binding agreement. It can be difficult to stick to a schedule, however, in some cases, and. There are some valid reasons for this; yet, a lawyer needs to help you make changes.

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