Getting Back on the Road in Chicago

Given the harsh sentencing in DUI and other traffic cases, DUI driver’s license suspensions and revocations are increasingly common. In turn, that has made it more difficult to obtain relief from those suspensions and revocations. A hearing is required before an officer of the Office of the Secretary of State. That hearing might be either informal or formal. Many people who are seeking license reinstatement attend Secretary of State hearings near Chicago either without an attorney or with an attorney who has no experience in Secretary of State hearings and procedure. That’s not how you want to approach something that is so important. Under those circumstances, you can expect that the relief you are seeking will be denied.

For purposes of testifying in a hearing, you’ll want an experienced attorney representing you who will tell you what to expect in the hearing, prepare you and your file for it and effectively represent you in it. That knowledge and preparation is pivotal for purposes of a successful hearing. That’s why we come so highly recommended and referred. Although it’s against the law for us to guarantee a successful decision in your hearing, the chances of success are significantly increased with thorough preparation on every aspect of it. You don’t want to risk denial because of inadequate preparation or an attorney who is inexperienced in Secretary of State hearings.

No matter what the reason is for the loss of your driver’s license, we’re here to help with Secretary of State hearings in Chicago. Don’t try to get back on the road alone. You’re far better off with experienced and effective representation from the start. Contact us at Johnson & Goldrich, P.C. at 312-795-1801 or email us at to get started in the right direction. We want to put our dedication and experience to work for you.

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