Getting a Legal Partner in a Bergen County Divorce Attorney

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Law

A Bergen County divorce attorney is a legal professional that specializes in issues involving family, specifically divorce. A divorce attorney in Bergen County will make sure that his or her client understands the options and rights that he or she has under the law. An attorney can handle a divorce case that is decreed quickly, which will not need a lot of time in court. In other cases, the divorce attorney might have to deal with other issues such as children or marital assets, which lead to the divorce being contested. In this case, the divorce lawyer needs to represent his or her client to ensure that the needs of the client are met.

During divorce, many couples tend to debate over the division of marital property. The divorce lawyer has the responsibility of helping couples to agree on settling their property. This agreement usually dictates the division of the property. In a case where the couple cannot resolve property issues, the dispute has to go to court. Most of the times, couples have children. A divorce attorney in Bergen County has the responsibility of working closely with the client to decide where the client wants the child to live and how to split time. Most couples do not agree over the custody of a child and it is up to the attorney to represent his or her client in court to make sure that the court decides the best situation for the child.

A divorce attorney handles more situations in addition to divorce. A Bergen County divorce attorney can represent a client in legal separation or annulment. An annulments is usually different from divorce because this does away with the marriage. When handling an annulment, the divorce attorney in Bergen County can claim that the marriage was invalid. He or she can also establish separation such that a couple stays married but do not live together. In this case, the lawyer makes sure that he or she protects the financial assets of his or her client during separation from his or her spouse.

Divorce attorneys can also handle premarital or prenuptial agreements and provide post-divorce consultation to their clients. Most couples believe that a prenuptial agreement will simplify the process of divorce. With the help of a Bergen County divorce attorney, you will be able to draft a prenuptial agreement that will protect your current and future assets before getting married. A divorce attorney in Bergen County is always available to answer post-divorce questions. These questions revolve around many issues such as the change of name after divorce, the modification of the divorce decree, the changing child support payments or the change of alimony. You can be sure that you will find a legal partner in a divorce attorney.


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