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Get Your Driver’s License Reinstated as Quickly as Possible in Chicago, IL

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Attorney

If you face a driver’s license reinstatement hearing or need to schedule one, trust the attorneys who know best how Secretary Of State Hearings in Chicago work. Adequate preparation and expert legal representation can mean the difference between a successful reinstatement experience or being denied. Don’t let losing your driving privileges devastate your life by making it difficult to go to work, school, or travel freely.

Informal and Formal Hearings

There are two types of Secretary Of State Hearings in Chicago:

  • Informal, and
  • Formal

Regardless of the type of hearing, you have the right to an attorney.

Informal Hearings

Informal Hearings are for petitioners whose driving privileges have been suspended or revoked for a DUI or a lesser moving violation that did not involve a fatality. The hearing officer will ask you questions about:

  • Why your license was suspended or revoked
  • Your driving record
  • Why you need your license back
  • And others

Formal Hearings

A formal hearing is a legal proceeding held for a driver whose privileges have been suspended or revoked for one or more offenses involving a fatality or multiple DUIs. Formal hearing requests must be made in writing, mailed, and accompanied by a $50 filing fee.

The hearing officer will consider evidence, testimonies, and arguments. Your best chance of success may depend on competent legal representation.

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