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Get Qualified for Social Security Disability Benefits

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Attorney, Lawyer

Dealing with a disability is no easy task. Those who have recently become disabled have to change their entire lives to accommodate their physical changes. Many disabled people are forced to quit work because they are unable to perform the basic functions of the job. This leaves them struggling to make ends meet. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With the help of a disability attorney in Kansas City, you can try qualifying for SSI Disability benefits.

Applying for Benefits
Starting the process to apply for Social Security Disability is as easy as filling out an application. This is available on the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) website. Even though the application process seems straightforward, there is actually a lot of documentation that goes into filing a claim. At some point, the process can become burdensome and overwhelming. A disability attorney in Kansas City can help with this.

What’s Next After the Application
The application forms you submit will be reviewed by the government agency. At this stage in the process, the agency tends to weed out cases that don’t quality. Yet, it’s rare that they will actually approve a case this early on. It’s not uncommon to receive a request for additional documentation. At this point, it is important to highlight all of the negative ways that the disability affects you. The SSA can be quick to conclude that you have recovered from your ailments. Thus, you must clearly explain how the disability continues to affect your daily life.

Getting a Denial
If you are confronted with a denial of benefits, you need to understand that not all hope is lost. However, you must take swift action to protect the life of your claim. This requires filing an appeal to have the case reconsidered. Those who do not file an appeal in time will need to start the application process all over again. Help is available from a disability attorney in Kansas City.

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