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by | May 3, 2013 | Bankruptcy Lawyer

Law offices provide legal services in various aspects related to legal issues. The various aspects of legal service include activities such as providing legal advice, researching and preparing court papers, and administering representation in court. Law offices, such as Goren, Wolff and Orenstein LLC, may include one or several attorneys, and they may staff several paralegals and other assistants. Legal services are frequently specialized; different law offices may offer legal services specific to certain legal areas.

Legal services available in a law office may be limited or broad. Some offices may provide legal services in several different areas, and others may be limited to a few, or even one area. This limitation largely depends on the number of attorneys and other staff. For instance, personal injury attorneys may specialize in slip and fall accidents. Other personal injury attorney offices may represent a variety of accident victims including car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, defective devices, and other injuries. Benefits to seeking attorneys who specialize in certain legal services include relevance of knowledge and experience. Those seeking to form an LLC, for example, would be better represented by business attorneys than others. Areas of specialized legal services include social security disability, workers compensation, naturalization law, bankruptcy, commercial litigation, personal injury, probate law, family law, and criminal law. This list, while by no means exhaustive, provides insight into the broad array of legal areas. This scope of areas explains why attorneys specialize and offer specific legal services.

Paying for legal services may seem overwhelming. Attorneys are typically paid well. Generally, attorneys are paid for legal services by one of two ways: either by retainer and hourly, or by contingency. Criminal, probate, and naturalization attorneys generally receive a retainer fee after which they receive an hourly rate. Most attorneys who do not seek to gain a lump sum of money for their clients typically receive compensation this way. Personal injury attorneys and social security disability attorneys, however, receive a portion of the reward won on their clients’ behalf. Often, these attorneys will defer payment until a settlement is made. The initial consultation is often free, and they evaluate the probability of success before taking each case. The specific legal services required by a client will typically dictate the type of attorney chosen because attorneys, such as Goren, Wolff and Orenstein, LLC, specialize within areas of law.

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