Filing For Workers Comp In Melville, NY

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Attorney

Gilbert, Blaszcyk, and Milburn attorneys at law provide assistance with Workers Comp in Melville, NY. These attorneys are familiar with legal proceedings that allow them to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to receive the compensation that you deserve. They understand the requirements for filing a claim and establishing your case. If you were denied worker’s compensation benefits after an on-the-job injury, you should contact these attorneys for a consultation.

Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

Your first point of contact after your immediate supervisor after an accident is your human resources department. The human resources department arranges for the employee to seek medical treatment for these injuries. Once a physician evaluates your injuries, he or she returns a claim to your employer. This documentation is sent to the insurance provider for further evaluation.

Reviewing a Denial

If you are denied worker’s compensation benefits, your attorney will re-evaluate your claim. He or she will request that you visit your primary doctor to gather additional medical evidence needed for your claim. In some cases, it is probable that the doctors assigned to the worker’s compensation case work in favor of the insurance companies. By receiving a second opinion you have additional evidence that may win your case.

Your attorney will evaluate eligibility for worker’s compensation when he or she reviews your case. Eligibility is determined by the severity of your injury and the circumstances that caused you to become injured. In order to receive worker’s compensation benefits it is necessary to establish that you were not at fault and did follow the safety policies devised by your employer.


Workers Comp in Melville, NY is a form of insurance that is required by businesses who employ a specific number of employees. This insurance policy covers the cost of medical costs after an employee is injured. The employer is required to send the employee to a medical treatment center to evaluate these injuries. This information is submitted with the worker’s compensation claim by the employer. In the event of a denial, it is critical for the employee to contact an attorney to negotiate with the insurance provider to receive benefits.



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