Filing A New Claim With Your Workers Compensation Attorney In Goshen, NY

by | Sep 4, 2013 | Lawyer

A Workers Compensation Attorney in Goshen, NY evaluates work-related injury claims. Workers compensation is a form of insurance utilized by employers to protect against the liability of an employee becoming injured on the job. The most common issue with this form of insurance is that it requires a claim’s adjuster to evaluate each case. Unfortunately, if the adjuster deems that it is infeasible to provide coverage for a specific case, then that employee’s injuries are not covered. When this occurs, an attorney takes over the case and files a new claim through the court.

The Claim’s Process

After you are injured on the job, you are sent to an urgent care facility or the emergency room. The documentation that is produced from this evaluation is submitted to the insurance provider. The claim’s adjuster reviews your case. He or she evaluates the documentation based on guidelines outlined for worker compensation insurance. This claim is either approved or denied.

Inadequate Insurance

Some employers fail to purchase adequate workers compensation insurance for their employees. This insurance has stipulations based on the total number of employees working within a given company. Some stipulations apply to the type of work conducted by these employees. If a claim is filed and the employer failed to secure adequate insurance, the injured employee is on his or her own, which is unfair.

Filing a New Claim

Your attorney will gather the required documentation for your claim and submit it through the court. The judge will review your claim to determine whether the denial was unjustified. If he or she determines that this denial was wrongful, the judge will order the insurance provider or the employer to provide you with compensation for your injuries.

In conclusion, a workers compensation attorney fights for the rights of the employee when the employer or insurance company failed to provide adequate coverage for work-related injuries. The process for filing a claim requires a visit to a medical facility and submission of medical documentation to the insurance provider. The adjuster makes a final decision based on worker’s compensation guidelines. A denial of these benefits may lead to a viable personal injury case.




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