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Filing a Case Appeal with the Help of SSI Lawyers in Rochester, NY

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Lawyers

Many applicants who file for Social Security disability payments get turned down and are forced to file appeals. When a judge denies your first petition, you might feel fearful and defeated.

However, you might better your chances of winning your case with each appeal you file. You can get the legal help you need to win the case as quickly as possible when you hire one of the SSI lawyers in Rochester, NY to help you with it.

Improving the Descriptions

The paperwork you initially filed entailed a description of your illness or injury. Despite your best attempt to describe what you are suffering from and what limitations it poses to you, you might have failed to convince a judge to agree with you. If anything, the judge assigned to your case might have more questions about why you cannot work than answers.

Your attorney can provide a better description of your condition and use legal language the judge can fully appreciate. Your legal team can also provide the court with solid evidence backing up your argument that you cannot work and have no way to support yourself.

The SSI lawyers in Rochester, NY can also ensure you get any back pay the court owes to you when it approves your case. You might win a settlement dating from your first filing date. Find out more about retaining this type of legal help by contacting Antonowicz Group.

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