Experienced and Successful Criminal Lawyers in Montgomery County

by | Jan 14, 2014 | Lawyers

Facing criminal charges can be serious and often result in harsh penalties and consequences. If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, it is critical to retain a qualified and experienced criminal law attorney as soon as possible. When charged with a crime, sentencing often includes punishments such as heavy fines, prison time, a criminal record, community service, civil sanctions, and the requirement to pay restitution to the victim. A Criminal Lawyer can provide their client with representation to answer charges brought by state or federal governments. In most cases, the accused person will benefit from the services of an experienced criminal law attorney who can negotiate a plea bargain or prepare a case if it needs to go to trial.

Whether the criminal charges being levied are minor or serious, it is prudent to retain the services of a lawyer to protect the accused’s rights and ensure they are treated fairly. A skilled criminal lawyer can petition the court to improve the defendant’s situation or even obtain a ruling that results in the dismissal of any charges.

Through analytical and investigative techniques, the lawyer will evaluate the client’s case to determine the best plan for their defense. As part of the defense, the lawyer will assess all evidence presented in the case, cross-examine any witnesses, and make legal challenges to the prosecution’s case when needed. In addition, they will also present any evidence that could raise a reasonable doubt about their client’s guilt.

Time is critical, and every moment is important when you are under suspicion for participation in a crime. The prosecutor will begin constructing a case immediately after the incident has occurred, and it is important the accused retain legal counsel to begin building their defense case. Because time is of the essence, it is important any person accused of a crime contact a Criminal Lawyer in Montgomery County as soon as possible. A person charged with a crime is entitled to fundamental rights provided by the U.S. constitution, and a criminal law attorney can ensure a person is afforded those rights. Follow us on Google+!



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