DUI Attorneys Protect Their Clients

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Law

If there is any question about whether you need to hire a DUI attorney or not, consider what your BAC level was when you were arrested. If it was 0.08 or possibly higher, then it is advisable to hire an attorney to represent you in court. Chances are you may be convicted and required to pay many fines, expenses, and fees that come with being involved and convicted with a DUI. This will certainly mar your driving record too. This applies to those charged with a DUI in Newport Beach, in Southern California.

Serious DUI Charges

Certain factors can drive up DUI charges and make then even more serious. These factors include whether you have had prior offenses, caused any damage to property, whether you injured people, or even endangered a child. If any of these factors pertain to you and your DUI case, then is it wise to speak with a DUI attorney who will be able to help you understand California laws and how they will affect your case.

How Does a DUI Attorney Help You?

DUI attorneys may not be able to completely have DUI charges removed, or even lessened. Drunk driving laws are very steep and allow for little to no leniency.  Even if you were not drinking, but a breathalyzer test says otherwise, you should hire a DUI attorney instead of attempting to argue your case of innocence alone in court. A DUI attorney is going to make sure that their clients are prepared to show up in court, and understand all the legal actions that could occur. This includes what is expected of you in court, and handling court requirements before your first court appearance. Some court prerequisites include attending an education course about alcohol, or attending treatment programs. Your attorney will also be able to assist you in acquiring SR-22 automobile insurance by making sure all of the proper paperwork is filed with the DMV. All of this may be required in order to get your driving privileges back.

Professional DUI Attorneys Make a Difficult Process Go as Smooth as Possible

When you hire a professional DUI attorney, they are able to provide you with extensive knowledge concerning state laws and drunk driving. They will certainly help you navigate the judicial system and aid you in every way possible concerning your case. It is a good idea to hire a DUI attorney if you have never been to court before, or if you have been convicted of driving while under the influence.

The Law Offices of Christopher J. McCann represent people charged with a  DUI in Newport Beach, CA. When you need professional legal counsel to assist you in understanding the law and guiding you through the court process, contact them today.


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