Dog Bites Not Required to Contact Personal Injury Attorney in Ottawa County

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Attorney

Over 68 percent of all households in the United States own some type of pet. Dogs are the most popular, with almost 90 million canines estimated to live in the country. Most dogs are wonderful animals that improve the lives of the people around them. Unfortunately, some can cause injury, pain and permanent scarring or disability when they attack or even just play too rough. Everyone should understand their rights for compensation when an animal causes an injury.

Consider the Risks

Most people worry about a dog bite when they think about injuries, but dogs can cause other injuries too. Non-aggressive injuries take place every day in the U.S. and can lead to medical expenses and pain and suffering as severe as they would with a bite. A large playful dog jumping on someone can cause a variety of complications. A dog that cuts in front of someone and causes them to trip and fall or a car accident caused by a dog on the loose are other examples of non-aggressive injuries.

Know Owner Responsibility

The law expects pet owners to keep control of their animals. A Personal Injury Attorney in Ottawa County can help when owners do not do as expected. A dog running loose on the road is not under control. Negligent owners can include someone that allows their dogs to jump on people or someone that takes their pet off a leash in a public park where the dog causes a jogger or cyclist to trip and fall.

Accept Personal Responsibility

People that behave in a way a pet owner has warned them not to may not have the law on their side. Someone that receives an injury as they commit a crime may not have a case for compensation. People that illegally enter private property or that tease or roughhouse with an animal after the owner said to stop, could have their injury cases dismissed. The details of the case will decide who was at fault. A Personal Injury Attorney in Ottawa County can help people to know if the law sees them as a victim.

At Bleakley Law Offices P C, many animal injury cases involve dog bites, but many others include injuries caused by animals that have never bitten anyone. Any injury caused by an animal could entitle the victim to compensation to cover the costs of treating the injury. Learn more today.

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