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Do Not Be Confused by Social Security Disability

by | Apr 2, 2014 | Lawyer

Medical problems keep many hardworking women and men from being able to meet their financial commitments. This includes being able to support their families and put food on the table like they used to be able to when they were healthier. Injuries and health problems keep many people from being able to provide for their families. If you suffer from a medical condition that keeps you from holding down a full time job, then it is time to seek the professional counsel of a disability attorney. Residents in North Carolina can contact a Raleigh disability lawyer to help start the process of filing a disability claim.

Why Are Social Security Disability Claims So Hard to Get Approved?

It can be confusing for many people that have paid into the social security system, to understand why it is difficult to get a disability claim approved. The common mind set is that if taxes were paid into Social Security, why is it so hard to be approved for disability benefits when you need them? It is the job of Social security to decide whether a person is approved for a disability claim or not, and the system is far from perfect. Unfortunately, Social Security denies many valid claims for disability benefits, and most applicants must go through an appeals process.

Hire a Professional Attorney

Although it does not seem fair that a claimant with a severe medical condition should suffer through a long and difficult appeals process, it is the norm and just how the current system is setup.  In order to make sure you get the best possible chance of receiving the Social Security benefits that you deserve, you should hire a professional attorney. They are well-equipped to handle SSD cases at all stages in the application and appeals process.  An attorney with years of experience in this field of law is able to guide you through the process and form a winning argument based on Social Security’s rules and regulations.

The Clauson Law Firm specializes in all types of Social Security disability cases, and represents clients at any stage in the application and appeals process. Residents that need a Raleigh disability lawyer, can contact The Clauson Law Firm to find out what SSD benefits they may be entitled to.

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