Criminal Law Lawyer in Muhlenberg PA: Never Handle Your Own Case

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Lawyers

Handling your own criminal law case is never going to be a good idea. You need to hire a Criminal Law Lawyer in Muhlenberg PA if you want to stand a chance at winning. While you may have all the best law books to help you work through your case, the differences between information on paper and what actually happens in practice can be vast. Criminal law is not black and white and can’t be mastered by reading a few books. The experience of an attorney will go a long way because they will be familiar with the system and how it works.

One thing to a lawyer can help with is the role the community and politics play in criminal cases. Judges work to get re-elected, prosecutors want to create a winning history, and police want the community to feel like they got the bad guy. The community will have strong opinions of certain cases as well. Only a local lawyer can appreciate this and know how it will work for or against you, so hiring a Criminal Law in Muhlenberg PA is your strongest option for arguing your case in Muhlenberg.

Remember, the prosecutor has great power in the case and can determine what charges to file, and this will dictate much of what happens in criminal court. A good criminal law lawyer will be familiar with the prosecutors in the area and know what to expect from them before they even act. A book may tell you what charges could be pressed and the outcome, but what looks like a single option statute in the book turns into a crime with many different outcomes in real life.

The value of a lawyer in these cases is worth much more than a dollar amount. A good lawyer can help free the innocent or reduce sentences of the guilty. A lawyer will help you navigate the process and tell what to expect at each stage as well as be the only person besides yourself looking out for your best interests. A lawyer will have the history and knowledge to help you consider all outcomes and build the strongest defense.





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