Choosing the Right Family Lawyer New Jersey

by | Sep 30, 2013 | Law

Are you having family problems? Is your family going through a tough time because of a separation or divorce you are having? During these hard times, you need all the professional help you can get. You need to hire a good family lawyer New Jersey to ensure that the process goes smoothly for everyone involved, especially the kids. You also need a family attorney to ensure that all the assets and liabilities that you and your spouse accrued in the course of your marriage are divided fairly. The following are steps to follow when hiring such a lawyer.

Seek referrals from friends and relatives. Ask for recommendations for a good family lawyer New Jersey from your family, friends, officemates and business associates. Someone you know may have gone through the same thing you are facing right now and may have used a family attorney who was not only skillful, but very professional, friendly and supportive. You may also consider the same lawyer to represent you in your case.

The internet is also a good place to find family attorneys in New Jersey. Perform a simple search such as “New Jersey Family Attorney” and go through the websites on the results page. Reading through some sites can give you a glimpse into how good a family lawyer may or may not be.
While you are on the Internet, perform a background check on some lawyers that you are considering. Find out if they belong to the New Jersey Bar Association and any other professional organization that ensures ongoing career development of its members and holds them to high industry standards. Read reviews and testimonials to see what previous clients say about the lawyers you are considering.

Once you have narrowed down to a few seemingly good lawyers, the next step is to contact them. On the site, send the family lawyer a brief description of your case. A professional lawyer should get back to you through a call or email and give you some advice on what to do. These responses will help you determine which lawyer is best suited for you. Choose a lawyer that is professional and friendly; one who seems easy to work with.

Thereafter, set up an appointment with the lawyer that impressed you most. Most lawyers nowadays will not charge you for the initial consultation meeting. Take advantage of this time to find out a bit more about the family lawyer. Prepare a list of questions to ask him or her; for example, how long they have been in business, how many such cases they have handled and so on. If the lawyer seems like the right fit by now, he or she probably is, and you can trust him or her to represent your interests.

A lot goes into hiring the right family lawyer New Jersey. You need to conduct some research. For information on how to do this.


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