Bondsman in Dearborn – Ready to Offer Serious Help When You Need It

by | Oct 19, 2013 | General

There is probably nothing more frightening than having a police officer click the handcuffs on, telling you that you are under arrest, and reading your rights. You know you made a serious mistake, or you may even be innocent, but right now none of that seems to matter. You are in a police cruiser being taken to jail because you are having charges filed against you. You most certainly want to cry. Maybe you can tough it out, maybe you break down in tears. Do not worry, the police have seen it all! After you have been through the booking process and seen the judge, you will know what your bail will be to be released from jail. It is probably more money than you have available.

If you are being held in the Detroit Police Headquarters, or the Wayne County Jail, or the 36th District Court, or the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, you are very close to the help you need. You are within a Bondsman in Dearborn who are only minutes from you. Place a call to Goldfarb Bonding and they can be there in minutes to meet with you. They should be your first defense in getting your head on straight and figuring out where you stand and what you need to do. Many people have such a fear of bail-bondsmen that they are afraid to call them. They are certain they are going to lose their home, car and anything else they own. Not so with Goldfarb. Let them at least meet with you. They will discuss your situation, and what you need to do. If they pay your bail, would you be able to make regular payments to them? Then chances it’s a go. You could be released right away.

As down the road you go, and you find that you are getting into rough times, go to Goldfarb Bonding and talk to them. They have been in business for 100 years so they have the process pretty well figured out. There is no problem you could have that they have not seen before. They are decent people who actually care about you. They can meet with your family as well to try to get things going in the right direction for you. Trust this Bondsman in Dearborn!


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