Billboards: Are they Right for Your Social Security Disability Marketing Efforts?

by | Jan 8, 2015 | Lawyer

Chances are you have walked by a billboard or two featuring a smiling attorney in a nice suit, with a caption that claims they will fight for you, right beside a checklist of things that they will help you fight for. There is likely also a phone number or website, or even a silly nickname. This is a common Social Security disability marketing effort for many attorneys.

Have you ever stopped to wonder if these billboards are really effective? The fact is that there are a number of different opinions regarding outdoor advertising. It is either a superior and affordable option, or it is an investment in a marketing effort that is not really going to be effective.

If you have considered using a billboard ad in your Social Security disability marketing efforts, you should keep some of these considerations in mind.

Billboards can Appear Cheesy

Billboards for an attorney’s law firm are not always the classiest ways to promote your services. After all, how many other types of professionals have you seen advertised on a billboard? You will not see many pictures of doctors or architects plastered on a big sign by a busy highway asking for business. However, you always see the same lawyer billboard with the same cheesy caption.

Billboards are generally not Cost Effective

However, there is an appeal to this method of advertising. When you promote your legal services on a billboard, it will always be there (as long as you pay for it). While a billboard can be cost effective initially as a form of Social Security disability marketing, it is estimated that it will cost you as much as $1,000 for a single new customer acquisition. This can be quite high when TV advertising and online methods that are available can be much more cost effective.

The Point of Billboard Advertising

Billboards can make sense for businesses that sell items in large numbers, such as vehicles, or insurance. This makes sense; however, when it comes to attorneys, there are not that many people who will be driving by your billboard and think “yes, I need the services of this attorney.” The fact is that when a person hires a lawyer, the purpose is to ensure that an issue goes away. This is why there are not many billboards for attorneys who specialize in Social Security issues.

When you take the time to create an effective Social Security disability marketing plan, you can feel confident that you will actually get results. While billboards can be beneficial in some situations, chances are you should consider other types of marketing (such as TV or internet) for your law firm to ensure success, conversions and more profits. Click here for more info

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