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Benefits Of Hiring A DWI Defense Attorney In Tyler TX

by | Apr 19, 2019 | Attorney

Being arrested for a DWI is a very serious charge. There are several consequences that go along with this type of arrest such as a suspended license, being required to install a breathalyzer in the vehicle, mandatory alcohol abuse classes, extensive fines, high insurance premiums when the individual gets their license back, and a blemished police record. If a person is arrested for a DWI, they should hire a DWI defense attorney in Tyler TX. There are a few ways that a lawyer can challenge the charge. Considering all of the consequences of a DWI, it is worth a try.

Challenging the Traffic Stop

Lawyers who handle DWI cases have a great deal of knowledge regarding traffic laws. If the lawyer can prove that the individual was pulled over for no just cause, the traffic stop and the DWI charge would be dropped. If the driver weaved from their lane of traffic, it could be blamed on a pothole or an animal running across the street. If the weather was poor on the night of the arrest, that can be used as a factor in challenging the stop.

Disputing That the Individual Was Actually Under the Influence

A DWI lawyer can dispute the fact that the individual was impaired while they were driving. If the person failed the field sobriety test, the lawyer could blame it on the condition of the ground, the shoes they were wearing, or an injury. The lawyer could challenge the driver’s red eyes by saying that they have allergies or they were tired. Slurred speech could be blamed on a bad reaction to prescription medication.

Challenging the Breathalyzer Test

Just because the driver failed the breathalyzer, all hope is not lost. The lawyer could argue that the device was not calibrated properly. They could also argue that the office did not use the equipment properly. Finally, they can argue that the individual had just used mouthwash, which would cause the person to fail the test. Considering that machines and computers are capable of making errors, a lawyer could challenge the results of the test.

If a person is pulled over and arrested for driving while intoxicated, they should hire a DWI defense attorney in Tyler TX.

At Holmes, Moore, Waldron, & Parrish P.L.L.C., our attorneys represent individuals who have been charged with DWI and other traffic offenses.

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