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Avoid Prolonged Time in Probate Court with a Skilled Lawyer

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

After a person has passed away, it can be an extremely difficult time for their loved ones. Especially, if the individual’s death was untimely and at a young age. The emotional impact of the loss can be devastating enough on its own, and you want to avoid additional problems that can prevent family members from grieving properly. One challenging aspect that can make the passing of a loved one hard on their family is when their estate is tied up in probate court. When a person passes away, their assets must go through probate before the legal action of their death is finalized. However, you can make this process easy on everyone and avoid extensive time trying to settle the estate when you hire a probate lawyer in Moline, IL.

Reasons Probate May Take Time

  • No will was left behind to document who inherits the property.
  • Family members are disputing over the estate and who should receive the assets.
  • There is a legal will written, but the document is being contested by family members.
  • The state must determine who will inherit the property and loved ones disagree.
  • The assets must be collected and liquidated to pay liabilities.
  • No probate lawyer in Moline, IL was hired to assist in the court process of dispensing the property.

Save Valuable Time and Money

If a will is contested or there is not one established, the estate of a passed loved one can spend months or years in probate. This is a valuable time that does not allow the family members to grieve properly and can consume a good portion of the estate financially. David J. Franks Attorney at Law can assist in minimizing how much time an estate stays in probate and save money when you turn to them after a loved one has passed away.

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