Auto Accident Basics

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Car accidents are the number one cause of personal injury claims in the country. This is no surprise, since statistics show that every ten seconds an automobile accident occurs. The following are a few basic facts to consider when you are involved in a car accident.

Car Accidents and the Law

Generally, car accidents are governed by the laws of negligence or fault. The law says that people who operate motor vehicles are to exercise reasonable care when it comes to driving. The failure of the driver to exercise this care is classified as negligence in the eyes of the law. If a driver operates their vehicle in a negligent way, they will be responsible for any damages or loss of life incurred as a result of this negligence. In a court of law, the person injured in an accident must be able to prove that the other driver was negligent in order to win a judgment against them.

Determining Who is at Fault

Generally, in auto accidents, it is relatively easy to find who was at fault by reviewing all of the evidence. Your attorney will be able to use police reports or eyewitness accounts to determine who was at fault and what lead to their negligence. The court will look at these determining factors, which commonly include things such as failure to obey traffic laws or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Drunk Driving

Every thirty minutes someone dies in an alcohol related car crash. This staggering statistic is enough to make you never want to get on the road again. Usually in cases involving drunken driving negligence, not only is the driver responsible, but the bar that served them the alcohol can be held responsible, as well. By employing an experienced Auto Accident Lawyer Gilbert you will be able to get advice on where to seek compensation for your injuries.

If you feel you have received injuries due to another’s negligence, be sure to contact a reputable and knowledgeable lawyer. Be sure to act quickly because many states have a statute of limitations on personal injury claims. Many victims miss their chance to be compensated due to such statutes.

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