Arrested and in Jail? Call a Criminal Defense Attorney in Bonita Springs, FL Immediately

by | May 21, 2020 | Lawyers

Being arrested is always a scary experience. Even people who have been through the process several times aren’t sure what to expect. A first-time defendant may be so confused that they rely on the police for direction. This is usually a big mistake. As soon as the police say that they are there to arrest them, the defendant should request a lawyer. They should then be quiet until their Criminal Defense Attorney in Bonita Springs, FL arrives on the scene. That way the person knows that their rights are being protected from the very beginning.

Police detectives are skilled interrogators who have been trained to know how to make people give evidence against themselves. The police can imply that they have much more evidence against the person than they actually have. This is often a ploy to get the defendant to start to explain themselves in the hopes that they will give up incriminating evidence in the process. A Criminal Defense Attorney in Bonita Springs, FL knows how to guard against this. They will also learn about the case that the police have, as they listen to the questions that are asked.

The lawyer then scours the physical evidence and witness statements looking for any weaknesses in the case. Some evidence might actually point to another individual. The Criminal Defense Attorney in Bonita Springs, FL reviews that person’s alibi and determines if it’s strong or weak. It may be possible to show that the police unfairly singled out their client early in the process. They also work to strengthen their client’s alibi. Even if they spent the evening alone, they may be able to bolster this claim if they ordered a pizza and the deliveryman remembers them.

Police also have to have probable cause to stop a person and question them. If the lawyer can show that the police did not have the right to question the defendant, then anything said after that can’t be used at trial. Witness testimony can be very unreliable. Defense lawyers interview witnesses to find out if they are mentally competent, have good vision, and are impartial. There are many ways to show a jury that witness is biased and unreliable. All of this weakens the case against their client.

If you are facing criminal charges, you need to have a criminal defense lawyer by your side who is committed to protecting your rights and interests. As a former prosecutor, criminal law lawyer, James W. Chandler, P.A. is the name you can trust. Visit for more information!

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