Areas of Practice for the Martinsburg WV Sherman Law Firm

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Lawyers and Law Firms

The Kistemaker Business Law Group handles personal injury cases and worker compensation cases. They also work in real estate law and in representing clients who are selling or buying a business.

Their personal injury cases include injuries from dog bites, auto accidents, truck accidents, premises and product liability, medical malpractice, and accidents at the workplace. If the attorneys believe that someone else was at fault, then they will assist their client by investigating the incident, gathering evidence to support their claim, and representing the client in negotiations with the insurance company.

The kinds of losses they work to get recovery for include not just the obvious ones like lost wages and medical bills. They also factor in the client’s other losses like having to change their lifestyle, the loss of activities they can no longer perform, consequences to the client’s relationship with their spouse or other family members, and pain and suffering.

When representing clients in real estate transactions, they can especially be of help to those in a for sale by owner transaction as well as sellers who are selling their home through a short sale. For sale by owner transactions can save a lot of money on real estate broker and agent fees, but buyers and sellers need to have protection in making sure contracts are filled out correctly and filed on time, negotiations with the other party, arranging loans with lenders, and taking care of problems with the title and title insurance.

When the Real Estate Law Firm Daytona Beach represents a client who wants to sell or buy a business, their focus is on protecting the client from unforeseen consequences from the sale that may not appear until later. For both sellers and buyers, they think ahead to protect the client’s assets by minimizing their tax liability and maximizing their tax deductions.

They also focus on documenting the sale transaction for their client, whether the client is a buyer or a seller. To protect the client at all stages of the sale process from planning through negotiation, they make sure to document the transaction on documents such as letters of intent, promissory notes, and asset and stock sale agreements.

Kistemaker Business Law Group are dedicated to representing injured individuals, and fighting for their right to a fair settlement.

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