Appealing A Denial Of Veterans Benefits

If your claim for veterans disability benefits is denied this is not the end of the line, the DVA admits that they have a high error rate. When you are denied benefits or the award you are granted does not reflect the true magnitude of your disability you have every right to hire veterans benefits lawyers in Tennessee and appeal the entire decision or part of it.

Reasons for denial of benefits:

With the error rate running as high as 30 percent and even higher in some offices, being denied benefits doesn’t mean that you are not eligible, in many cases you are and it is due to an internal error that your claim was denied. Denial of benefits is often due to the incorrect assessment of the facts by the VA or a lack of evidence supporting your claim.

In many cases denial stems from:

  *  Lack of medical evidence
  *  Insufficient evidence to support that your disability is service related
  *  The VA may determine that your injury was pre-existing and had nothing to do with your military service

Veterans benefits lawyers in Tennessee often can get denials based on these issues overturned. If you know you are going to apply for benefits it is best to plan ahead, work with your lawyers to ensure that you have all the records that are required and independent medical opinions showing that your disability is directly related to your years in the military. Based on experience, your lawyers will be able to identify any weaknesses before filing the claim.

On average it takes the VA over eight months before they evaluate your claim, it is extremely important that your application for benefits is complete; the smallest error simply means that the process will take longer. Get professional help and stay on top of your application to reduce delays to the minimum.

Veterans benefits lawyers in Tennessee can help you prepare your application for benefits and work closely with you in the event your application was denied. Take advantage of a free consultation, contact the Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices.

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