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An Accident Attorney in Medford, MA Represents Clients Injured While Working on Contract

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Attorney

Certain occupations are recognized as being dangerous, with many workers being injured and even killed each year. Employees injured on the job are protected financially by the workers compensation system, but not all workers are employees. Many are contract workers and are not covered by that system. An Accident Attorney in Medford MA helps them determine who should pay for injured workers’ medical expenses and lost wages and begin negotiating fair settlements.


An Accident Attorney in Medford MA may represent construction workers, including those who operate heavy equipment, as construction is one of the more dangerous occupations. According to a report in USA Today, injured construction workers need an average of 17 days off work for recovery. Fractured bones, puncture wounds, and lacerations are some of the more common injuries. Falling from a height is another of the more frequent construction accidents.


Truck driving also poses more hazards than most other jobs do. Many truckers work on a contract basis for a small company instead of as employees. An accident might occur because the company owner delayed essential maintenance or repair work on the vehicle in an effort to save money. The driver may contact an organization such as the Law Offices Of Burton J. Hass for legal representation.

Logging and Fishing

These are not the most dangerous occupations in this country, however. Depending on the source, the top ranking either goes to the logging or fishing industries, which have more injuries and fatalities than any other occupational categories each year.

People working on contract in the fishing industry are at risk of a range of accidents. Sudden, severe storms can surprise these workers while they are out at sea. Marine vessels can be severely compromised and even sink under these conditions. Often, the fishing team is boating on icy cold waters, and any amount of time actually spent in cold water can lead to hypothermia.

Contract workers who are injured while doing logging projects may need skilled legal representation. They may be hurt by sawing equipment or by falling tree limbs. Severe head injuries can have permanent negative consequences, including memory issues and behavior changes. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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