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A Personal Injury Attorney in Manchester CT: When Faced With A Dog Attack

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

A dog is known to be very faithful to its master; man’s best friend. However, dogs are mostly friendly to their masters and to those they are familiar with. Dog bites are very common and most of them will often happen as one is playing with a dog. However, dog attacks are serious and if you have been bitten by one, contact a personal Injury Lawyer in Manchester CT, who will assist you with filing charges for injuries caused by a dogs attack. Here are some things you should know about dogs and their attacks.

You should be able to differentiate between a friendly and a non-friendly dog. For instance, a friendly and happy dog will be likely to wag his tail when you call or go near it. Once you learn of the different body languages, you will avoid any dog that may seem dangerous.

A personal Injury Attorney opines that dogs attack out of fear while others may attack because they are naturally aggressive. A fearful dog will tack its tail and try to move away from you. However, it may growl without any intention of attacking you but if you make if feel threatened, it will most likely attack you. An aggressive dog will back, growl and will attack you at any given chance. Such a dog will try to look as big as possible by raising its head and tail, display its teeth as it growls, and will position its fore legs to get ready to attack or pounce on you. Whichever the type, avoid direct eye contact as the dog might feel you are challenging him.

If the dog charges towards you and attacks, the best thing to do at this point is minimize the possible injuries that might be inflicted on you. Do this by letting the dog bite on anything but your skin. This can be your trousers, jacket or anything that you might be carrying.

The owner of the dog should compensate you for any injuries you suffer. If he is not cooperating, get help from a personal Injury Attorney in Manchester CT. For information, on how you can contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Manchester CT, visit Website.


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