A DUI Defense Attorney in Pasadena, CA Is Really Worth the Money

A DUI defense attorney in Pasadena, CA will work to get justice for their client without judging them. Even if a defendant is truly guilty of what they are being charged with, the law states that a proper defense is their right. Naturally, people who are really innocent of the charges filed against them need all the help they can get.

Malfunctioning Equipment

A DUI defense attorney in Pasadena, CA will know that mistakes can happen with criminal cases. One mistake that can be made with a DUI case is that the testing equipment might not be calibrated correctly. That means a person might give a false reading that says they are intoxicated. A lawyer’s job is to find out if the equipment used in testing was properly calibrated and there weren’t any other factors that could have caused a false reading.

Sleep Problems

A person who has trouble sleeping could find themselves accused of a DUI. If a defendant was drinking earlier in the day, they might still smell of alcohol. That might give the police reason to suspect that the driver is drunk if there are other factors like lack of sleep. A sleepy driver might show signs of being intoxicated such as red eyes, slurred speech, and slow reactions.

Bad Driving

A person who smells of alcohol because of earlier drinking might get pulled over for bad driving. Once the police officer smells alcohol, they might suspect drunk driving. For example, a driver who is preoccupied with something else might swerve in and out of a lane. That might cause a cop to be suspicious and wonder if the driver is drunk. Click here to get help.

Prescription Medication

Anyone who is taking prescription medication has to be careful if they are going to consume alcohol. The medication by itself can make it harder to drive. When combined with alcohol, some prescription medications can really impair a driver. A lawyer should be told about any medications that their client is taking.

Being accused of a DUI is a serious issue. It means that a defendant should seek out the best legal help that they can afford.

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