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A Basic Overview Of Qualifications For Social Security Disability In Kansas City

by | Oct 7, 2019 | Law

When people in Kansas City become sick and cannot work, they may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. However, these benefits do require extensive and specific documentation of the severity of the condition, the inability of the individual to work, and they must also meet specific approved criteria.

For many people, the application to receive Social Security benefits is a challenge in itself. There is a long list of documentation required with the application, as well as details on medical treatments and the specific medical issues experienced by the patient. These may be supplied by the patient or obtained from the medical professional, and all information about doctors working with the patient must be included. This is needed to establish the qualification of a disability that will last at least a year.

Work History

In addition to challenges in proving some types of medical disabilities to qualify for Social Security, the individual must have a suitable work history. This means working as a self-employed person or in a job qualifying for the program.

The individual must have earned at last 40 work credits, which are determined based on wages earned as a self-employed or for a company. The amount of these wages that equal a credit varies from year to year. Of those 40 work credits, half or 20 must have been eared in the latest 10 years, counting back from the year of the disability.

To qualify, the disability must also eliminate the possibility of working in the same position for at least a year or taking on any other type of work. This is often a problem for individuals as they may be told by the SSA they can do some other type of work, even if they are not medically cleared to work.

In all cases, talking with an SSD attorney is the best option if you have questions or receive a denial letter. By choosing an attorney in Kansas City, you have a local lawyer to provide representation as required.

Let the team at Grundy Disability Group, LLC help you with any denials of Social Security applications in the Kansas City area. To find out more, see us online at grundydisabilitygroup.com.

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