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3 Reasons to Use Corporate Lawyers in Dubai

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

As a corporation headquartered in Dubai or an international company expanding into the UAE either as a mainland company or in a free zone, working with experienced international corporate law expertise provides the legal information, resources, and solutions needed for the business.

With the complexities of the corporate law, seeking out law firms with a specialisation in this area should be a priority. Working with an international law firm ensures the corporate lawyers working with your in-house legal team have the expertise and experience to provide knowledgeable, sound legal advice.

International Corporate Structuring

Setting up international companies from the UAE or moving offices into free zones or as mainland companies is a complicated process. Through the assistance of corporate lawyers familiar with how to correctly structure the UAE offices and locations, the business has the option to expand and grow without limitations due to licensing, choice of business structure or other factors.

Corporate Restructuring

Businesses in Dubai can rely on highly skilled corporate lawyers to manage mergers and acquisitions and provide the services needed for the effective restructuring of the new entity.

Some of the top law firms also have experience in working with the relatively new corporate bankruptcy laws, managing distressed sales and addressing downsizing and other types of changes with companies in the UAE as well as abroad.

Corporate Governance

Existing or start-up companies within UAE free zones or operating as mainland businesses can also take advantage of corporate legal services to structure their governance policies and procedures.

This includes establishing corporate boards and director duties and responsibilities, creating codes of conduct, providing notices to shareholders, developing ethics policies and even managing disclosures and guidelines for corporate policies and practices.

These proactive types of legal service can be instrumental in preventing issues within the company and ensuring all policies and procedures meet international and UAE legal requirements. Visit the website stalawfirm.com for more information.

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