3 Important Questions to Ask Your Prospective Divorce Lawyer in Douglasville, GA

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Lawyer

If you’re thinking about filing for divorce, you should always seek the counsel of an experienced divorce lawyer in Douglasville, GA. During the initial consultation with a prospective divorce lawyer, residents should ask a few important questions to be sure they’re choosing the right attorney for their case. Asking the questions below can help your divorce proceedings go smoothly by ensuring you and your potential divorce lawyer in Douglasville, GA are on the same page.

How much experience have you had in family law?

While all lawyers are equipped to handle divorce cases, you may want to choose one who has a specific focus on family law. This is a particularly smart move if you expect your divorce may be complicated or drawn-out because of your spouse. Ask your attorney how many family law cases they’ve handled, and if any of these cases have been similar to yours.

How will we keep in touch during the proceedings?

If finding a lawyer who can devote the time to frequently touch base with you is an important factor, you should bring this up right away. Ask if your attorney communicates primarily through phone or email, and how soon you can expect to have messages returned and inquiries answered. Will your attorney be able to fax you any important documents for your records right away? Will paralegals or support staff be there to help you if your attorney is unavailable? If you neglect to ask these questions, you may be disappointed when a busy lawyer fails to meet your needs in a timely manner.

How will my payments to you work?

It’s important to ask this right away to avoid any confusion or unexpected fees. You should ask about up-front retainer fees, hourly rates, and any extra charges that you could potentially incur. If you’re interested in a payment plan, find out if your lawyer accepts this type of payment and how often the payments will need to be made. You may also want to find out if you can pay with a credit card in the event of unexpected financial difficulties.

Filing for divorce can be an emotional experience, and finding the right lawyer for your case can help to make the process far less difficult. The questions above should shed some light on whether or not you and a prospective divorce attorney are a good match. Visit Website Domain to get quality legal representation in divorce and other family law cases in Douglasville, GA.

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