Utilizing an Experienced Lawyer for Worker’s Comp in Suffolk County, NY

by | May 7, 2014 | Lawyers

Hard working citizens who get injured on the job often think they are protected without having to face any obstacles. Sadly, that is not always the case. Many injured workers think they are getting all the Worker’s Compensation benefits they qualify for. More often than not, an employer and insurer will take advantage of people who aren’t thoroughly informed about the laws. They might try to minimize benefits, making the recipient think they are fully covered. This is where lawyers for Worker’s Comp in Suffolk County, NY come in handy.

Worker’s compensation lawyers have keen knowledge in this division of law. They educate clients about their rights in their totality. With a lawyer promoting the rights of an injured worker, employers and insurers might consider emending erroneous actions. If a lawyer represents a client in the beginning, he or she is more likely to get the restitution that’s rightfully deserved. Even though there are benefits employees automatically hold right to, the process can be complicated. Worker’s Comp in Suffolk County, NY help the proceedings run more smoothly and expeditiously.

The benefits workers are entitled to by law are payment of medical bills and arranged monetary installments for loss of income. It does not matter who is to blame for an injury, for it won’t annul the rights of the employee. Employers can’t charge employees for any benefits they receive. The employee cannot file a lawsuit against the employer while receiving benefits. However, if a third party holds responsibility for an injury, an additional civil lawsuit can be filed against them.

The Worker’s Compensation Board for the state manages cases. The Board makes final decisions about the contributions employees will get. The Board and Worker’s Compensation insurance company deliberate based on the particular information they have about each case. Using a lawyer’s prowess ensures there are no discrepancies in the facts, and all facets of coverage are there. It’s possible the insurance carrier will try to argue against a claim. The carrier will have legal representation for hearings.

If the worker has previously invoked legal representation, the same lawyer can build a case to counteract the claims. It’s much easier for a lawyer to tackle counterclaims when the case was represented by him from the beginning. Worker’s Compensation insurance companies operate business in the employer’s favor, not the laborer’s. This is why it’s essential to have Gilbert, Blaszcyk and Milburn, LLP by an injured worker’s side. Connect with us on Facebook!




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