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Warrants are not a conviction, so it’s important that you do not treat them as such.  A warrant is simply an order for your arrest which may or may not result in actual charges.  While there may be charges associated with the warrant in question it doesn’t necessarily mean that your case will go to court.  In fact, your behavior after the issue of your warrant may have a big impact on future legal issues.

Hire a Warrants Worcester County MD Lawyer
The first thing that you will want to do once you discover that a warrant has been issued for your arrest is to get a warrants Worcester County MD lawyer.

A warrants Worcester County MD lawyer will be able to get the details surrounding the warrant such as the crime associated with the warrant and the situation surrounding the charges.  Lawyers will also be able to tell you what the next steps are both, short-term and long-term.

Turn Yourself In
The next thing that you will want to do, with the assistance of your lawyer, is to turn yourself in.  You lawyer can help make this a smooth process by calling the authorities ahead of time and escorting you to the police station.  Turning yourself in, as opposed to running or hiding, sets up any future legal proceedings associated with the warrant.

First of all, it will help out in the event of a bail hearing.  If you do not turn yourself in then you will likely be considered a flight risk which means you either are not going to be released on bail or will have to pay a lot to make bail.

However, if you turn yourself in, then you’re less likely to be considered a flight risk.  Having done this, you are more likely to receive bail and the bail will be more reasonably priced.  Additionally, if you don’t voluntarily turn yourself in, then that information might be admissible in any court proceedings which may make you look guiltier than if you turn yourself in.

Keep Yourself Out of Trouble
The last way that turning yourself in helps is to keep you out of more trouble.  Running or hiding from the police may mean that you will have to break additional laws.  This will not help you or your case in the future.

Turning yourself in so that you can exercise your right to due process will ultimately be more beneficial to you than running, hiding, or avoiding your arrest warrant.  Doing things the right way can help resolve the problem and get these unfortunate circumstances behind you.


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