Do You Need a Child Custody Attorney Bainbridge Island WA?

by | Oct 29, 2013 | Divorce Attorney

Child custody is one of the most significant areas in family law because the interests of a child clearly come first. A Child Custody Attorney Bainbridge Island WA has the knowledge gained through a variety of cases to benefit you. Each lawyer specializing in family law has a particular mindset to win your case if they believe they child belongs with you.

What is custody?

Custody is defined as the right and duty of parents to exercise parental authority over a child. The concern extends to the custody of the child, as well as its assets (stewardship). Parental care is the general principle between two parents. This applies only once after a breakup or divorce. If joint custody is not detrimental to the welfare of the child, one parent is usually permitted sole custody.

What if you are not married to each other?

In many cases, the mother will be awarded sole custody of a child unless there is an arrangement between the two parents. There are extenuating circumstances to this rule. The courts must see that one parent is unfit to parent the child. If that is the case, the other parent will assume the role of full-time parent. Hiring a Child Custody Attorney Bainbridge Island WA will allow you to understand the various rules and regulations that every state has regarding child custody. Every state is different; therefore, it is imperative that you seek the legal advice of a lawyer first. As a lawyer specializing in family law, they will be intuitive on up-to-date legal issues in the field of child custody and have the extensive experience necessary to win your case. Thus, the decision of the local courts, in particular, can be very well assessed and taken into account when determining a decent strategy.

A child custody lawyer will encounter daily issues of various kinds relating to the custody of a child. Can a parent with joint custody decide on which school the child should go to? Can one change their residence or leave without the consent of the other party to perform medical procedures on the child? These are questions that you need to know the answers to. Basically, joint custody means always working together. If you have any other questions, a serious consultation may be needed.

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